2012 Accomplishments

  1. Purchased and placed in service a new 2012 Fire Engine at the Harriman Fire Station (thank you state and county)
  2. Placed in service a new to us Fire Engine at the Granite Fire Station (thank you Horse Creek and FD 2)
  3. Completed a massive Fire Station clean up program for both fire stations - t
  4. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) maintenance completed, bottles checked and filled, and all of the SCBA on the vehicles are the same manufacture
  5. Four fire fighters completed the National/State Fire Fighter 1 program and received new bunkers, helmet and boots.
  6. One fire fighter completed the national Emergency Medical Technician Training (EMT)
  7. All of the equipment had maintenance completed, parts replaced, started every month, used on emergency calls and training
  8. Vehicle extrication training was accomplished over a couple of training sessions -
  9. Almost 30 volunteers and community members completed the bi-annual Basic Emergency Care (BEC) program
  10. Three volunteers completed the 8 hour rail road emergency response training
  11. All of our incidents, calls for assistance and good intent reports were submitted to State of Wyoming Fire Marshall Office and National Fire on time with the annual report published the first week of January 2013.
  12. Air ambulance training and exercises were conducted and you used this training two times in 2012 to save lives of our community members
  13. Community AED and first aid bags were updated and outdated supplies replaced and another AED box was manufactured
  14. All of our radios are now WYO Link compatible and transmit/receive on narrow band -
  15. Maps have been updated to include water sources and roads
  16. State Forestry certified on fire fighter for his Red Card and trained another fire fighter for a new Red Card and at the same time gave a 6 hour awareness course on wild land fire fighting.  

We would not be a success without the help of the FD 10 Auxiliary and community
  1. They funded/presented two scholarships
  2. They provided many meals at no cost for all of our training events - thank you for the food!
  3. Sponsored and run the annual picnic and Christmas dinner

Mutual Aid
  1. Other fire districts are not on automatic call on every incident thereby saving resources
  2. Establish a Fire Wise program which helps property owners create a safe area around their homes and buildings